I am a student at École Normale Supérieure de Paris, in the Computer Science Department. I am currently doing an internship in the Inria and Irisa Celtique team with Thomas Jensen and Alan Schmitt on the automatic extraction of analysers from skeletal semantics.

About me

My résumé is available here (ici en français).

You can contact me by sending an email to (λxyzw. w.y@z.x) fr courant inria nathanael (hint). You can also contact me on IRC, where I am known as nore on Freenode1 and as Inductive_nat on ulminfo. I am also on Mastodon as @nore@framapiaf.org.

My software projects can be found on GitHub, GitLab, Framagit and Inria GitLab.

My name is pronounced /na.ta.na.ɛl ku.ʁɑ̃/. If you do not know the International Phonetic Alphabet, /n/, /t/, /l/ and /k/ are pronounced as the corresponding letter in English, the /a/ here is pronounced a bit like the a in cat, the /ɛ/ is like the e in bed, the closest equivalent of /ʁ/ in English is /ɹ/ like the r in very, the /u/ is pronounced like the oo in soon, and /ɑ̃/ is the ant at the end of croissant, but I am fine with it being pronounced /ɑnt/, since not many languages have nasal vowels.

  1. I usually set user mode +R, so you will need to identify on Freenode if you want to send me a private message.